FlexCPE Virtualized Customer Premises Equipment
Solution Overview


The customer premises equipment (CPE) devices are widely used in business and residential locations all around the world. However, the legacy edge networks require specialized knowledge, lengthy deployments and complicated configurations, making innovation a difficult and expensive undertaking. Service providers and enterprises are seeking virtualized solutions to provide more flexible and more secure networks with lower operational and capital costs.

Product Overview
Based on ETSI NFV framework, CertusNet FlexCPE is a software defined CPE that allows service providers and enterprises to reduce hardware and maintenance costs while increasing service agility. With lightweight FlexGWs(aka thin CPE) on customer premises and vCPE functions running at service providers’ cloud, central office or data center, FlexCPE provides many benefits:
     developed for both residential and enterprise CPE services
     built on a carrier-grade virtualization platform, enabling high performance,
      scalability and real-time processing
     Increase business and operational agility, create and deliver faster
     Improve customer experience by rapidly adapting to changing demands
     Dynamically scale up/down the network connection
     Reduce operational and capital costs as well as increase margins
Product Features
Application Cases
China Telecom Fujian Enterprise vCPE trial
China Unicom Research Institute vCPE PoC trial
China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute vCPE trial

For more details, please download the product brochure: FlexCPE.pdf