SDN Centric Data Center Solutions
Solution Overview
There are challenges in traditional data center management, such as: low hardware resource utilization; inflexible hardware resources deployment; change to network configuration requires rewiring; and the applications of large-scale cloud computing cannot be deployed across different IDCs. To tackle these challenges, CertusNet provides the Software Defined Data Center(SDDC) solutions.
Product Overview
SDDC is to virtualize the storage, computing, network resources in data center, deploy services in the virtual pool of resources. So the operation and maintenance can be automated for data center.
Product Features
     Rapid deployment of enterprise services and reduced launch time
     Intuitive network configuration and real-time fault monitoring
     Automated operations and flexible scheduling, maintenance costs reduced by 50%
     Value-added application services (Big data analytics plugin, search engine, SaaS service plugin, etc.)
Application Cases
Cooperation with Zhongsheng Networks.
Zhongsheng Networks offers IDC rooms and servers and other hardware, while CertusNet provides a comprehensive range of hardware virtualization solutions and cloud hosting services. The platform has been jointly operated for commercial purposes.
Cooperation with Shanghai Zizhu Hi-Tech Zone.
Shanghai Zizhu Hi-Tech Zone offers hardware equipment, while CertusNet provides a full range of virtualization solutions and cloud-based video rendering functions. This platform now provides VPC and cloud-based video rendering and other services for companies in the zone.
Cooperation with Xuzhuang Software Park.
Xuzhuang Software Park offers hardware equipment, while CertusNet provides virtualization solutions. This platform provides such services as cloud desktop, cloud hosting, cloud-based video rendering and VPC for companies in the park.

For more details, please download the product brochure: SDDC.pdf